A couple of special notes

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A couple of special notes

Post by Katherine on Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:07 am

Just a couple of things to make this place more fun for everybody:

To those who have an ARC: Please don't post anything you wouldn't want to read yourself, if you didn't have an ARC. However if you are one of those who would want to know everything, ask yourself if Nalini would want you to post it. Pretend she's moderating the forum. She might just be. :-)

To those who don't have an ARC...if the person you're interrogating talking to doesn't want to disclose some information, then that is their right. No nagging, or pleading, or trying to rephrase a question in a slightly different ways so as to glean just a little bit more information. We are very, very lucky to have people so willing to share information with us. Don't make them wish they hadn't.

Finally, there are these lovely little tags called spoiler tags. They look like this [.spoiler][./spoiler] only without the periods. If you are going to quote the book directly, or say something more than mildly juicy, I would greatly appreciate it if you used them. I'm one of the 'have-nots'. Please don't ruin the book for me. :-)


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