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Post by tabitha on Tue May 15, 2012 3:44 pm

Random Q&A: Answers

Okay, I randomly picked ten of the posted questions (plus a couple of related ones) and answered them below. If you snuck in two or three questions at once, I picked only one to answer.

Don't worry if your question didn't get answered. We'll do this again sometime.

1. Will we get to know if Vivek gets made soon or at all?

You'll find out the answer in the GH book after ARCHANGEL'S STORM.

2. Do you plan to write another series or book beside PsyChangeling and Guild Hunter like what you do last year with Harlequin Nocturne?

No, not at this stage. I really want to focus on the GH and Psy/Ch series.

3.(a) Do you see yourself writing a story about Kit or any of the juveniles? or any of the younger characters (Keenan/ Noor, Ben/Marlee)?

(b) Have you considered or are you going to write a YA series based on the Psy/Changeling young?

(c) Are we going to get a story about Kit of the Psy/Changeling universe? I thought he was awesome in Kiss of Snow and I'd love to see about him!

These three are related, so I thought I'd answer them together.

I currently have no plans to do a stand-alone YA series based on the Psy/Changeling young. I prefer not to separate out characters into different series (which is not to say you might not see storylines featuring the younger characters within the books).

I also don't like doing big time jumps, and since everyone mentioned above (except for Kit), is currently very young, I don't have any plans to write separate stories for them yet.

As for Kit - he's a possibility, but he's got some growing up to do yet .

4. When an angel becomes an Arcangel how does that new person gain a territory? Do they have to fight or does the Cadre meet and realign boundaries?

The latter. It's part of the angelic "political system" so to speak, that a new archangel is assigned territory and given a certain period of time to settle in (approx a hundred years) before any of the other archangels can challenge him or her.

This is referenced a little bit in ANGELS' DANCE.

5. Hi there, how do you find managing your career from NZ? I know you do travel approx how often a year do you find that happens?

With the internet, it truly doesn't matter where you're based, either in terms of the writing/editing/publishing side of things, or when it comes to connecting with readers (hi everyone!).

I travel a lot because I enjoy it, but you don't necessarily need to travel at all.

6. How long do we have to wait to find out who the Ghost is?

Only another twenty books.


Sorry, couldn't resist. It won't be toooooo long - it's a tough secret to keep!!

7. Will you ever write a story focusing on a changeling pack other than SnowDancer or DarkRiver?

Yes. I've been thinking about a book featuring the falcons for a while. In terms of when that'll happen, I'm fairly certain it'll be after the completion of the main series arc.

8. Oh and is Venom after Jason?

No. We're going to back to Elena and Raphael. :-)

9. Will you ever write a book that shares a little of each of the Psy/Changeling couples HEA's?

I'd love to do this, but the timing isn't right yet.

10. How many more books in the Psy/Changeling series do you think you will write?

I see approx 2-4 more books until the end of this story arc. So if you're reading for that arc, you will get a satisfying conclusion.

After that, I'd like to explore aspects of the world and its characters that we haven't seen as much to date. The world is so vibrant and alive, that so long as there are stories to tell within it, I'll happily continue to write them.

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