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Post by Katherine on Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:18 pm

1) You mentioned once that you saw the Psy-Changeling series in two arcs. Has that changed, and do you see that as an approximate halfway point in the series?

I did say that, but I think it may be clearer to describe it as two smaller arcs within an overall large one. The first part was completed in KISS OF SNOW. The second part will be shorter.

After we reach the end point of the original arc, I want to do some tangent or semi-spinoff stories. We'd still be connected to the characters we know, but will also be diving into parts of the world we haven't seen as much to date.

2) In a recent Q&A on your blog, you suggested that the current arc may be wrapped up in the next 2-4 books. Will the Ghost’s identity be revealed during that time?

Wait and see Wink

3) Is the Ghost just one person?


4) Will Kaleb Krychek get his own book within the first arc?

Are you sure he's a good guy???

5) Through the course of the series, it has been suggested that the human, changeling and Psy races used to be more integrated and we’ve seen how Silence created rifts between the Psy and the other races, as well as within their own race. But there also seem to be similar, but lesser, separations within the changeling groups as well as between humans and changelings. Was this a flow-on effect from Silence?

The entire world is a single ecosystem, so no one is utterly isolated from the impact of something as huge as Silence.

Having said that, not everything links back as they are three distinct societies. For example, most changeling packs prefer to have a certain amount of distance between each other - it comes from their nature, their need for territory.

So it's a confluence of both the inherent nature of the people involved, as well as a flow-on effect of Silence.

6) Earlier this year, we had Angels’ Flight, which was a Guild Hunter anthology with all the short stories from other anthologies brought together with a new story about Galen and Jessamy. Will there be something similar for the Psy-Changeling series?

Yes, it'll be out next year. It'll include two previously published novellas ("Beat of Temptation" and "Stroke of Enticement"), plus two brand new novellas. One of those new novellas will feature SnowDancer lieutenant, Cooper, and his courtship of a submissive wolf, Grace.

7) How difficult is it to write the Guild Hunter series where a century is just a blink of an eye to an angel? How do you make things happen in ‘real time’ with such a scope for major plot arcs?

I write very character based or "human" stories so to speak. So even though the life of an immortal spans centuries, that doesn't mean powerful moments can't happen in this particular time and place.

Cool When writing a given book, how far ahead in your series do you see?

Character-wise, it all depends - for example with Hawke and Sienna, I was writing parts of their book years back!

In terms of the overall arc(s), I usually have a good idea of exactly where the series is headed from the start.

9) What were the main challenges in writing your part of the Royal House of Shadows quartet that other authors also contributed to, as opposed to your own series?

Ensuring continuity - when I'm working on my own series, I can check my files, my timelines etc. However, with four different authors, we had to communicate constantly to make sure we didn't make continuity errors.

10) Whose has been your favourite story to write so far?

I can never choose!

11) How much do you feel your world travels have influenced your writing?
The most obvious influence has been in terms of the locations I've used in my books - from the Forbidden City in Beijing, to the streets of New York and the sprawling landscape of California.

However, I've also been inspired in a thousand different ways by my experiences, and it all feeds into my writing.

12) If you were a part of either of your fictional worlds, would you be a Psy, changeling, angel, vampire or human?

I think I'd be a changeling. I'd love to be able to shift into a leopard and prowl through the forest. Though, flying would be amazing, too. Hmm...perhaps I'd be a falcon changeling instead. So many choices!

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