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Post by Katherine on Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:26 pm

RBF: Your characters and stories always have this vein of extreme loss and the loss of a family member traveling through them. Whether it is the combination of the loss of innocence, the loss of a loved one, and the disillusionment that accompanies it, or the need for revenge, or understanding, or strength, or silence that follows, your characters, always have this great deep REASON for their being. How are you are able to keep writing such meaningful characters over multiple series and millions of pages, and yet keep them separate and keep from repeating characters? Is there like a loss flowchart somewhere?

Nalini: I see my characters as unique, multi-faceted individuals. As such, their personal stories and histories are all naturally different – and, they’ve all been shaped in different ways by those forces.
I’m always conscious of never forcing a character to act in a certain way to fit the plot – how they behave, their choices, it must come from who they are.

RBF: The Psy-Changeling series has always both intrigued and confused me. I love the idea of the Psy and silence, to keep themselves sane they close themselves off, and police themselves much in the way that some people believe that those that are dangerous to others should be policed today. How did you come up with Silence and how are you able to keep the technological and technical aspects of it, new and fresh while maintaining the focus on the heart of your novels, the characters and the plot progression.

N: I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of mental powers like telepathy, and one day, I started thinking how awesome it would be to have those abilities. Then I thought…what if it wasn’t all wonderful? What if such powers had the potential to drive you insane? What would you do to survive.
That was the genesis of the Psy race, and of Silence.
As for maintaining a strong series, I think it really helps that I’ve always had a clear mental roadmap – I’ve always known where the series is heading, which stops me from going off on tangents.

RBF: Some authors have difficulty keeping complex plots in line after numerous novels with different characters, each progressing the plot in different ways. In your psy-changeling series, you have what 11 books so far? How far in advance do you plan your plots and your characters?

N: As I mentioned above, I’ve always known the end point of the original story arc. However, I let the characters drive how we get to that point – so while I do have a plan, I’m not a plotter in the sense that I work out every detail in advance. I love discovering things as I write.

RBF: So on a completely different note how many more books are going to be in the Archangel’s Series because I LOVE it and would really like to know how many more I can look forward to.

N: The series is currently contracted to book 8, so at least that many!

RBF: If you were an evil villain, what would be your signature accessory? 

N: Long painted talons that I’d click together while I laughed my evil laugh.

RBF: If you were a super secret spy, would you rather be lasered in half or nibbled by sharks? 
(Or any other suitable James Bond-y death? )

N: Laser I think. Horrifying, but it’d probably be over more quickly than being an entrée for sharks.

RBF: What’s the most insane file name on your computer? 

N: I’m actually very rational with file names, or I’d never find anything!

RBF: What is the first thing you would do if you woke up in a body of the opposite sex? 

N: Walk around shirtless.

RBF: What is your most recent blonde moment?

N: Not being able to find the cordless home phone. Even after I rang it from my cell phone.
Where was it when I did eventually locate it? Buried under a pile of blankets – I know, I know, how???? That is a mystery for the ages.

RBF: What is the one song you can’t help singing out loud no matter where you are?

N: Currently, it’s Maria by Blondie.

RBF: If you could have complete immunity for 24 hours what would you do?

N: Does that mean I’d have immunity from broken bones, too? Because then, I’d probably do things like skydive, bungee jump out of a plane, and drive really fast motorcycles!

RBF: If the romance mafia actually existed what would be your code name and title?

N: Wow, I have to think about this one. Because once you have a mafia name, that’s it. Any suggestions?

RBF: What about the Lady Singhs the Blues????

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