Psy Changeling awards

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Psy Changeling awards

Post by TheLastCardinal on Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:17 am

If you were given opportunity which character will you give which award from the following .
Awards- alpha pack
3.most dashing personality
4.most powerful character
5.most selfless character
6.most interesting female character
7.most intriguing character
8.most interesing pair negative character
10.most interesing psy
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Re: Psy Changeling awards

Post by Yurice on Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:37 pm

1. I hereby nominate Hawke as best alpha. Very Happy
I like how connected he is to his people on a more personal level, like when he sat with a young couple who lost their unborn baby, when he comforted Riordan's parents. He's not just involved with his lieutenants and soldiers, but with the 'ordinary' members of his pack as well.

2. Best pack- SnowDancer. They didn't get the status of being the largest, most powerful pack in the country by being nice and cuddly, but still, they don't neglect their gentler members.

3. Most dashing personality- Hawke, Drew...Judd if he wasn't so serious. I know I'm cheating by voting for more than one, but I won't be stopped! Laughing

4. Most powerful charater- Arguably, Kaleb. Need I say more? >:3

5. Most selfless character- Adria, for putting up with Riaz. Rolling Eyes

6. Most interesting female character- Sienna. Err, we're not talking about favorites are we? Laughing In that case, I'd say Alice Eldridge, because she's a living mummy. I keep on wondering if her body won't suddenly catch up and she instantly crumbles into dust. affraid

7. Most intriguing character- The Ghost. No doubt he is insane, but was he ever lucid? xD

8. Most interesting pair- Hawke and Sienna. Yes, probably yesteryear's news, but they were my most anticipated couple. And I'm still more interested in them than I am of any established pairings in the series. Very Happy
Non -romantic pair: Vasic and Aden.

9. Best negative character- So far, Ming LeBon. He has 'tortured' two heroines from the series, Sienna and Katya Haas. Betrayed the Arrows, and abandoned Henry now that he has no use for him.

10. Most interesting Psy- Sienna. Err, we're not talking about favorites here either, are we? Laughing
Then it's Vasic for me. There's just something about him that is hard to explain but resonates deeply with me.
It's like wanting to pet an injured tiger, lethal and powerful, but you still want to care for it nevertheless.


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Re: Psy Changeling awards

Post by Patricia on Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:43 am alpha I think both Hawke and Lucas are amazing, but the Arrows are the "pack" that is probably hardest to "lead", so I'll go with Vasic and Aden, who I think of as the Arrows' alphas. pack I love the cats, I think the wolves are incredible, but so far I haven't figured out where my position in either would be, so I don't really know. I'd probably favor the cats, because pyuuutiful, but.. idk.
3.most dashing personality Um. Huh, I don't know? I think Tally is pretty incredible for being surrounded by people who have those insane and awesome abilities, and not getting jealous. I don't know whether I'd manage that or not.
4.most powerful character Kaleb, the Ghost, Vasic and Aden, and Sienna, when it comes to the Psy and their psychic powers. I think the Psy who aren't Silent anymore and live within packs, as well as the Forbidden, actually are way more powerful than I originally imagined. Though it will take time until the powers shift to the point where they can actually.. you know, BE powerful and influencial.
5.most selfless character I really don't know. There are people who LIKE being selfless. It makes them feel good. Isn't that being selfish, then? Arrgh! So I'll go with altruistic.. Which would be Sascha, Tally, the healers..
6.most interesting female character I think Nikita is/was very interesting, because of the many things we have yet to uncover (or had to). Sascha as well. I'm not a big Sascha-fan, but that, in the beginning, made her very interesting. (Though too horny and all) As for the rest.. I really don't know?! SO. many characters.
7.most intriguing character At this point, all the Arrows that have been mentioned in the past, Alice and Zaid (well, their background-story), Nikita and Anthony as well as the other Councilers.. Damn, everything Psy/Forbidden-related. Every character we have only caught glimpses from.. Gaa.
8.most interesing pair Of those that have not happened yet:
Romantic: Kaleb and Mystery?
Broship: Vasic and Aden?
IDKship: Anthony and Nikita?!?
GOD, this is so hard! negative character Enrique, because Kaleb, and because he was sort of the reason why Brenna and Judd happened.. And well, also because he killed Dorian's sister.
10.most interesing psy ALL THE PSY.

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Re: Psy Changeling awards

Post by tabitha on Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:19 am alpha Hawke pack SnowDancer
3.most dashing personality Judd
4.most powerful character Kaleb
5.most selfless character Judd although he doesn't think he's selfless
6.most interesting female character Faith
7.most intriguing character Aden
8.most interesing pair Aden & Vasic (obviously not as a couple though Very Happy) negative character Kaleb- not sure he really is negative though
10.most interesing psy Vasic

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Re: Psy Changeling awards

Post by Lulu2011 on Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:00 pm

Oh, this is fun!

1.Best alpha: Hawke. I just love him.
2.Best pack: SnowDancer. I love the closeness of the wolf pack, so many of them living in the den makes it feel almost like a small city as opposed to the cats that like their privacy and live spread out.
3.Most dashing personality: I see this as who would I like to hang out with on a Friday or Saturday night for fun? Who is urbane and witty and, well, dashing? For me, that would be Andrew Liam Kincaid.
4.Most powerful character: The Ghost
5.Most selfless character: This is tough. I'm gonna go with Walker Lauren. He is always there for everyone: Lara, Sienna, Marlee, Toby, Judd, the children he teaches now and the Little Arrows (the Darts?) in the past. There are lots of characters who could win this though as many have demonstrated selfless behavior. I could also see choosing Ashaya, for everything she did for K-Man and for Amara for so many years.
6.Most interesting female character: Sienna because I'm curious as to how she will continue to grow and mature as Hawke's mate as well as how she will continue to grow into her X powers.
7.Most intriguing character: Kaleb. Is he good or is he bad? Is he the Ghost or is he not? Who is the girl he's been looking for? Lot of questions surround him.
8.Most interesting pair: Aden and Vasic right now lol. I'm curious as to their relationship and how that evolved and what effect it's going to have on the overall story arc. Hawke/Sienna also get honorable mention as I love their relationship and watching how they interact.
9.Best negative character: I'll go with Enrique as well because his influence has reached across multiple books and will play a big part in Kaleb's story for sure. He was also so awfully evil too. Though Best Supporting Negative Character goes to Ming le Bon as he has also had far-reaching influence across the series.
10.Most interesing psy: Wow. This is tough. I'm going with Vasic. I'd like to say Judd or Walker Lauren but that would have been the answer a few books ago. Now we know a lot about both of them so, going forward, it has to be Vasic.

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Re: Psy Changeling awards

Post by Rageane on Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:03 pm

Best Alpha: Lucas.

Best Pack: SnowDancer.

Most Dashing Personality: Drew.

Most Powerful Character: The Ghost.

Most Selfless Character: This one is very difficult, but after some thought and actual pro/con I am going with Walker too.

Most Interesting Female Character: The One that Kaleb is searching for.

Most Intriguing Character: The Ghost again.

Most Interesting Pair: Anthony and Nikita.

Most Negative Character: Tatiana Ryka Smith. I have a thought that she is behind the Pure Psy movement.

Most Interesting Psy: Sophia, she is the only known conduit that can sustain both sides of the net mind and keep it healthy.

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Re: Psy Changeling awards

Post by ashleydevlin on Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:21 am

If you were given opportunity which character will you give which award from the following .
Awards- alpha ........Hawk of course Very Happy because he is alpha without even trying. pack.........Dark river, because i like each individual sentinel and i can connect more to them as compare to SD except for hawk and riley,brenna and laurens, all SD seems foreign to me.
3.most dashing personality.........hmm Judd or walker i guess. do i need a reason for that??
4.most powerful character......... Kaleb or ghost (i think both are same). I think from brenna's experience i can guess what kaleb went through at the hand of enrique when he was just a child and he not only survived that but somehow broke enrique control over himself and then went to become a councilor that shows a great character strength. As for his psy powers he is cardinal tk and a cardinal something that seems to put him to level of ''a psy alpha in my mind and i think psy are more powerful as compared to changeling because till now none of the martial psy has fought against changelings...its been only soldiers, and pure psy zealots while stronger ones like judd, kaleb, arrows haven't actively engaged. and of course judd has won all changeling challenges till date and that too without using his real psy powers.

5.most selfless character...........Nate , the way he wanted his mate to mature and not stifle her growth that was the most self-less thing i have ever seen a male changeling do.

6.most interesting female character........Amara, she is different and i like different. she is not good but not totally bad either. i would really like to read how love will conquer her. i think she is the one who can actually kill ming without theatrics.

7.most intriguing character..........Aiden. he has faced what every other arrow faced, yet he is not broken, he has hope and that makes me feel interested in him that how he survived the silence while all around him males want to die.

8.most interesing pair...........Vaughan and faith. negative character..........titiana. i loved the way she was controlling human alliance, she is intelligent psy who knows when to back out .
10.most interesing psy...............Sophia. love the J
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Re: Psy Changeling awards

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