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Post by SHELITA on Sun Dec 28, 2014 11:25 pm

1.) Has anyone gleaned possible growth comparisons of angelic children to human children.
  I'm guessing every ten for an angel child is one for a human child.

2.) Do angels really love their children, or is it more of a "this is a really rare thing, and a lot of people would want this" type of thing.
   I think this would obviously fit Michaela because of the type of person that she is, so what about other angels?

3.) Keir gave a great example of angels being free in their love, so what do you guys think would happen if two angelic parents split up while their child was still young? Would the more powerful angel take the child? (Applies if parents did not split amicably)

4.) Do they celebrate birthdays?

That is what is at the top of my head at the moment.

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Angelic Children Empty Re: Angelic Children

Post by Patricia on Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:23 pm

Oh my.. so many good questions. Let's hunt down Nalini, dangle chocolate pie/cake in front of her and say she only gets a slice for every question she answers?

Re 1: I only remember that Elena was talking to a child!Angel, and the kid was like forty years old but barely out of their diapers or something?

Re 2: I think it's actual love, but maybe a different love from ours? They are protective of their children, and it seems more likely that their cruel behaviour is mostly directed towards humans, because of some elitist/supremacist thinking, rather than absolute lack of empathy and love. Michaela actually always seemed very maternal, so even though she might be a bitch otherwise, I don't think she wouldn't love her or other children. (Especially because children aren't a threat/competitors)

Re 3: Angelic births are very rare, so I don't think Angels would have children without being very committed, or without having planned all of that already. If, for some reasons, they do split up and not very amicably, I think the Cadre would probably have to figure out a solution that enabled the child to be with both parents for some time? Or maybe someone else who is often in contact with the children.

Re 4: I never noticed. I mean, many of them might be older than our actual system of measuring time, so even if they did.. how would they know when they were born exactly? Wonder if it's different for younger or more liberal angels.

GAH now I want to know.. Who's on baking duty? Who pays for the plane tickets?

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