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The next story Arc Empty The next story Arc

Post by Iliahna on Fri Feb 27, 2015 9:28 am

Sooo, while I patiently (or not) wait for 'Shards of Hope' I already think about whats next in the Changeling/Psy-Universe. Ms Nalini strikes me as a person who always has a plan, so while it would be great to have a viarity of future books in different packs/clans/flocks I believe that she has a next arc for the changeling/psy-future. I have two favourites:

1. Alice-Arc
She has such a strong appearance in the last book, so - maybe - Ms Nalini thinks she healed enough. She would be a good link to the last arc and the post-silent struggle.  

2.  BlackSea Coalition - Arc
That Ms Nalini mentioned a 'problem' regarding BlackSea and didn't disclose this secret really left me screaming Very Happy So BlackSea could also be the next arc.

Of course, it could be a mash, but i think that there is going to be one topic which dominates, if there will be a next arc (oh please!)

So, what do you think?

P.S. sorry for the bad english/grammar, i'm not a native speaker, and i hope that this is the first threat on this topic because i didn't saw any other or i'm blind Very Happy

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The next story Arc Empty Re: The next story Arc

Post by Patricia on Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:33 pm

I think there are some posts where people speculated about what will happen in the future, but yours is definitely welcome as far as I'm concerned. -- And don't worry about your English. A lot of us aren't native speakers (I'm German, too!) and so far it has only led to two assassinations. ;P

Not sure about where she is going with those things in specific. I've wondered if the Arcs might be a bit looser now that Silence has fallen. Of course, there will have to be a part where the Psy have to heal, and where many will try to use it, but because of that, I can't see where Nalini's going to go at all, to be honest.

There are some users here who seem to be F-Psy with their ability to predict future plotlines, so I hope they'll come back online asap and tell us what they "saw" happening. *gg

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