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Post by SHELITA on Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:27 pm

via Nalini's answer on Goodreads Q&A:

I answered this question earlier in the week with a "I can't tell you yet"... but since so many of you asked it, I chatted to my editor about what I want to do and I've got the go-head to announce it.

*drum roll*

ARCHANGEL'S HEART will feature Elena and Raphael as main characters, and it'll link back to something Elena discovered earlier in the series about her ancestry.

Tentative Release Date: October/ November 2016

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Post by Mini Whitey on Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:51 am

I'm very happy to have another Raphael and Elana story, especially as she is now developing her own guard and more of her family history is going to be told. Bring on November!
Mini Whitey
Mini Whitey

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Post by Concepcion30 on Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:22 am

I'm glad this site is still here for me to put thoughts to paper after each new book. I know traffic is low here these days but I like getting my thoughts out there. Alright, spoilers beyond this point if you haven't read Archangel's Heart as yet.

I think in some fashion N.S. is getting the feedback from fans in order to make each new Raphael and Elena book even better. The only problem with this one was that it could have been a little bit longer. I found myself wishing for some more loose ends to be tied up on the last page, but this isn't the last GH book so guess I'll just have to wait for the next one.

In Legion, Raphael and Elena were strong, they argued a bit but there wasn't a whole lot about their tormented pasts bogging the storyline down like in the first three of their books. That was the case as well in Archangel's Heart, but what I also like was that they cut down on their sex scenes as well. It's true, there's really only so many ways the same two people can have sex with each other, I think we got a total of two scenes this book. To that point we even saw Raphael whine a bit about hating to abstain.

I actually really missed the Cadre meetings, so it was nice to see them all again with their two new members and minus crazy Lijuan.  We saw a lot more of Caliane that I really liked.  Alexander's personality is not growing on me as I thought it would.  I guess we can't blame him for his arrogance given his age. But when he mentioned not caring about mortals except those in his territory, I liked when Caliane responded about knowing how to lead which makes them Archangels.

It was quite a twist to find both Elena's grandparents on her mother's side still alive! I hadn't imagined that even after Gian had been established as the villain and it was clear he'd done something to Majda, I still expected Elena to find out how she died. But when it became apparent that Elena was getting tired of all the murdered women in her family, it was fitting that Majda not turn out to be one of them.

I never expected that the Luminata would be as corrupt as they were especially considering the fact that their appearance seemed to be somewhat of a ret-con.  The fact that angels and vampires left posts from all over the world to supposedly serve there and they have never been mentioned (correct me if my wrong) in any of the previous 8 books was a bit telling. She did a good job of selling Gian as charismatic in the beginning, I actually even sort of liked him.  But when you learned that he wasn't just a liar, and was something far worse than that, then he certainly deserved what he got.

I guess it did bother me that the former second of an archangel would spend his days terrorizing two people in private.  What did Jean-Baptise really do to Gian except to have the love of the woman I guess Gian loved. But how could he really love Majda considering he wanted to make her hurt for not choosing him? Some sort of twisted love I guess.

Well that's it for now, another solid addition to the Guild Hunter series.

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Archangel's Heart Empty Re: Archangel's Heart

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