End of an era (arc) Let's speculate

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End of an era (arc) Let's speculate Empty End of an era (arc) Let's speculate

Post by degdelta on Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:03 pm

It's been awhile, and i'm not even sure if anyone looks at this site anymore, but I have read Allegiance of Honor at least a dozen times since it came out. I'm curious who will be featured in the next arc, and thought i'd toss out a discussion to see if anyone else has any ideas or desires for a character they'd like to see step forward into the spotlight.

I'm going to guess;
Silver Mercant (psy)
Bo Knight (HA)
Lily Knight (HA)
Malachai (BC)
Miane (BC)
Jason (DR)
Tanique (psy)
probably Kit (DR) as he roams
and the "russian bridegroom" soldier (can't remember his name)

I'd love to get the backstory on Clara Alvarez and her human husband, find out where the Anthony/Nikita thing is going, and see Ming get his comeuppance.

How about you?


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