The Ghost Chat Full Transcript

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The Ghost Chat Full Transcript

Post by Roxsan on Tue May 28, 2013 4:21 am

Went through Nalini's twitter account and did a Q&A rendition of 'The Ghost' chat. Enjoy!

The Ghost is being quiet
The Ghost is considering the situation.

Dear Ghost, what made you go down this path?
It was necessary.

How did you meet Father Perez?
I met Father Perez through Judd.

Dear Ghost, is there any line you won't cross/action you won't take to achieve your goals?

After you fix the psynet, what do you plan to do with those who aren't part of the net, like the Laurens?
Why do you believe I plan to fix the PsyNet?

Wow. The Ghost says that there is no line he won’t cross to achieve his goals. what are those goals?
My goals are my own, but the time has almost come for the world to see what I intend to do.

Ghost, do you have any friends or just beings who help you get what you want?
I do not understand friendship, but I believe Judd and Xavier believe we are friends.

Is your plan destroy the net?? or silence? or both?
I'm not the one who will make that decision. To destroy or to save the Net.

Ghost, are you related to the Laurens? like maybe you're sienna's mom & she didn't die after all?
I am male.

Ghost addresses the twitter feed in-general
I led Judd to Alice for reasons of my own. I also understand loyalty and Judd has never betrayed me.
Ming is part of the disease. He'll die when it's time.

Do you have a family?
I have no family.

Why do you trust Judd so much? Aren't you worried he may betray you to save those he loves??
I trusted Judd because he had already proved himself a rebel. And because he was loyal to his family.
Loyalty is everything.

Will we be shocked when we find out your identity?
My identity may or may not shock you. It depends on how you view me.

Ghost - what is your tattoo?
I do not have a tattoo.

Ghost, are you related to ANY of the known characters whether they are PSY, Changling or Human?
Yes, I am related to a character you have met, but the relationship is unknown by others.

Would the ghost ever leave the psy net and join Judd in Hawks pack once he is known?
I will never leave the PsyNet. Of course, it may not yet survive.

Does any character in the series know your identity?
Yes, two characters in the series know my identity.

Loyalty is important but If you have no family where do your loyalties lie? Only to Psy?
I have only a single loyalty. But I will not betray Judd and Xavier.

Ghost addresses the twitter-feed in-general
Judd knows exactly who I am. His intelligence is part of why I work with him.

Has the events that have happen to that character(s) caused you to make the decisions that you are currently making?
Yes, certain events have led me on this path.

Your relative- can you tell us, male or female?

Ghost addresses the twitter feed in-general
I once considered using Sienna, but her ability is no longer part of my plan.

Related how? I thought you didn't have any family,or do you just mean you are another character?
I do not have family. I am however, related to someone you have met.

How long have these plans been in motion?
Over two decades.

Ghost- is that loyalty to an ideal, or a person?
My loyalty is to a single individual.

Ghost addresses the twitter feed in-general
Those of you who are proposing - you do not want to marry me. I would snap your neck if you touched me wrong.

Did you know about the Lauren's plan to drop out of the net before or after?
I suspected, but I did not know the extent of the plan till afterward. They are an intelligent family.

You've never been intimate with another person or woman?
Define intimacy.

Are you related to Sienna?
No, I am not related to Sienna.

How many languages do you speak?
I speak a number of useful languages.

Only I would get in the gutter and ask @NaliniSingh (Ghost) has ever had sex. Heh
The answer is no.

I thought Psy don't have sex even to procreate?
That is correct. I have never had sex. It is however, a tool I would use if necessary.

Are the two characters (who know your identity) Judd and Hawke?

Are you related to Sasha Duncan or Dev Santos, by any chance?
No, I am not related to Sascha Duncan or Dev Santos.

If you were my boyfriend, would you never let me go?

Is your loyalty to a woman?
Yes, my loyalty is to a woman, but you would not understand the depth of it or how it came into being.

Are you related to Lucas?
I am not related to Lucas Hunter.

Don't you ever want a companion of a lover? Or at least a family? Everyone needs that, should have that.
A lover, a friend, a companion, they become weaknesses that can be used to break you.

Ghost, are you related to Zaid?
I am not related to Zaid Adelaja.

Does Alice Elridge play a huge part in this book?

But ARE you Zaid?
Zaid is dead.

Do you believe that you are good, or that you can be saved?
I am not good. I have no conscience. It was destroyed a long time ago.

Ghost addresses the twitter feed in-general
My end goal will soon become blindingly clear. I do not discuss my plans ahead of time with anyone save perhaps Judd/Xavier. Though even they do not know the extent of what I plan to do, though Judd may suspect.

Ghost addresses the twitter feed in general
No, I am not a member of the Lauren family.
I am not related to Hawke or the NightStar clan.

Ghost, do you have a place to consider "home"?
I have a location where I live. Home is not a concept I understand.

Is it pertinent who you're related to?

Ghost addresses the twitter feed in-general
I will answer no further questions about my lineage.

Did you meet this woman when you were a child?

I wanted you to know, Mr. the Ghost, that I find you to be brave. Thank you for your work.
I am simply doing what needs to be done.

So, Ghost, if the Net is rotting from the inside out, do you think that you are as well?
I was damaged long before the Net began to rot.

Is there something that you actually can share about yourself or the upcoming events?
The upcoming events have not been set in stone. I am waiting.

Does you plan include taking down the council?
The Council has already fallen. All that remains is to deliver the final deathblow.

Do you a different ability is that why you believe you are damaged?
I was broken as a child. I survived. I had to erase my conscience to do so.

Ghost are you one person or just played to be one?
I am one person.

Does the Ghost know about the duality in the Net? Does he believe the impending Civil War will affect his end game?
I know of the duality in the Net. The impending civil war may be useful.

Ghost addresses the twitter feed in-general
There are many of you who believe I must have some conscience. I do not. There is only one person who can stay my hand.

Before you were broken, what were you like?
I was a child who had not yet had a chance to become.

Would you consider an alliance with the changelings? They could bring in power.
I rule nothing out.

If anyone can stay your hand, then a conscience of some sort is implied.
No, their's is the conscience. I am simply an instrument.

What would happen if they did stay your hand? Would you stop for them?
I would do anything this person wished.

Anything? Even grow a conscience?
No, that I cannot do. My conscience is gone. It can never grow back.

Sorry if this was asked but is this woman who owns your loyalty still alive?

Does the ghost find peace?
I do not understand peace.

Ghost, what do you do in your spare time? like an outlet you almost 'enjoy' if you could?
I do what is necessary. I do not waste time.

You say you were broken as a child. Were you around other children as well during this time in your life?
Yes and No.

This brings our chat with the Ghost to an end. You’ll see him again in Heart of Obsidian on June 4th!

Ghost addresses the twitter feed in-general

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Re: The Ghost Chat Full Transcript

Post by CassB on Tue May 28, 2013 1:09 pm

Thank you so much for compiling this! I read some on Twitter and Storify and I still missed at least one of these. Great job Smile

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Re: The Ghost Chat Full Transcript

Post by Roxsan on Wed May 29, 2013 3:38 pm

You're welcome! Smile

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Re: The Ghost Chat Full Transcript

Post by Elaine on Thu May 30, 2013 6:13 am

Roxsan, thank you for this! Don't have the time to go through all the original posts.

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Re: The Ghost Chat Full Transcript

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